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Throughout the year, a roof is subject to the harshest of the elements. Extreme winter cold to summer heat and humidity. Heavy spring rains and dead leaves, twigs, and even tree limbs in autumn.

Homeowners sometimes take for granted that their roof, gutters, and downspouts always will work with just about perfect efficiency. The thought of a roof leak, gutter crack, or downspout clog isn’t at the front of anyone’s mind.

Don’t assume everything is always in perfect working order. On the contrary, roof cleaning shingles, ceramic tiles, chimney and vent caulking, and other key roof features can prevent problems before they happen. The last thing you want is for any of these important features to fail, especially during a storm.

Pressure washing is one way to ensure all aspects of your roof are working properly. Not only does it wash away existing dirt, grime, mold, and other allergens and contaminants, it also allows rainwater to run freely throughout the year.

Gutter Screens: To Install Or Not To Install?

There is a trend in the business to install screens to prevent debris from clogging gutters. Companies tout the effectiveness of their product and draw positive attention to the advantages of some sort of gutter cover.

While this is a clearly effective way to ensure your gutters remain clear, the debris still needs to go somewhere. A thunderstorm with heavy rain hits and the pitch of your roof works effectively for the water and debris to run off. That rush of water, leaves, twigs, and dirt has to go somewhere.

So the final step when planning a proper roof drainage treatment or enhancement is what to do with the water once it drains. Downspouts need to be pointed in the correct direction so they don’t cause erosion or other damage to your vegetation and the foundation of your home.

Stay Ahead Of The Game: Monitor Your Roof

The key here is simple: Take nothing for granted when it comes to your roof. Monitor the edges if you don’t have gutters to ensure mold and moss have not taken over the spot where the water flows over the edge. And consider a gravel base where the water does run off so it helps make drainage a little less invasive when those torrential rains hit.

There’s an old saying when it comes to home maintenance: Pay me a little now, or pay me a lot later. This perfectly sums up why proper roof care should always be a priority.

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